Our philosophy

Our approach to design is well considered and successful. One size fits all isn’t the way we work and we recognise every project is different. We start with a blank piece of paper and embark on a journey of discovery and work on the basis of being one team, a focused team and committed to collaborative success.

We are experts in understanding your organisation and helping you realise your desired outcomes. That’s our commitment, our passion.


"As a team, we focused on our customers needs and we used Spacecraft’s research-led design methods including eye tracking to identify those needs and define the user experience. We’re very proud of the work we delivered with Spacecraft."

Pauline Stuchfield, Assistant Director in Customer & Business Support Services for City of York .

"That it has been judged by industry experts as one of Europe’s top government sites, while also being voted for by users of the website, is a huge accolade. Unsurpassed in its design and functionality, our new look site has become the benchmark of local government websites – making ease of use the main priority for our users in an era when the internet is gearing increasingly towards tablets and smart phones."

Cllr Nigel Murphy, Manchester City Council Executive Member for Environment.

Our approach

Planning and research

We educate ourselves to better understand your objectives, your audiences and their behaviours. Our methods include:

  • Feedback and inspiration gathering.
  • Data analysis to inform customer behaviour.
  • Eye tracking.
  • Stakeholder workshops to focus on solving problems.
  • Scenario development to ensure those problems are solved.
  • Design goals documentation to inform and educate

Appearance and aesthetics

Based on feedback, collaboration and accounting for important elements such as brand guidelines, we experiment early with design concepts, colour, style variations and work on:

  • Early sketches and prototypes.
  • Style tiles - focused on aesthetics, not structure.
  • Typography - often overlooked in web usability.
  • HTML mock-ups so you can truly interact with the design.
  • Making better landing pages for your customers.

Layout and structure

This is where we begin our journey of how your website will behave on different devices, considering how web page elements will stack, reorder and appear using the following techniques:

  • Wireframe design - focused on structure, not aesthetics.
  • Understanding content importance and establishing hierarchy.
  • Helping define a sensible and customer focused information architecture.
  • First click testing to gather early feedback and monitor interaction.

Putting it all together

The code behind your website is just as important as how it looks as needs to be available to the largest possible audience using varying devices. We do this using a mixture of web standards, responsive design, HTML5 and modern CSS along with a layer of Javascript to enhance experience.

Our UX Designers work closely with our crack Development and Testing team to ensure the server side technology we use is the best and the stuff we make works flawlessly.